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catching up.

Answers for Kristyn

1. You seem capable of arguing with a chair. What is it you love so much about debating?

First off this made me smile. I have never heard it put that way. As to what I love about debate, my dad and I used to argue about politics, science, history, ...you name it. Those arguments helped me to understand those subjects so much better. Nothing makes you understand a subject better than debating the different aspects of it. Truth be told I love a well formed argument like some people love poetry. It will illuminate my thought. I enjoy it so much that I will take a tack I don't believe in just to see what people will say on it. I almost never take offense to anything someone has to say on a subject. I may get passionate but I never make the disagreement on ideas about my relationship with the person.

2. Exercise and diet seem to have become more important to you in recent years. What helps you stay or get motivated? What knocks you off the wagon?

As to what helps me stay on it is two fold. Support from people who understand and being able to feel the changes. I really do appreciate the support I have gotten from various people. Being able to walk a mile with out getting winded or something similar keeps me going.

As to what knocks me off. Stress and change. If I get stressed I tend to eat. It has always been my reaction to stress. When I am stressed I get depressed and I can't bring myself to go to the gym. Change effects things because for me exercise is a routine thing. If my routine gets messed up it is hard to get back on the routine.

3. Best and worst part of Raleigh?

The best part is I have a number of friends living near me and as many people are around here I have never really felt like I was in a big city. There is all the stuff of a big city but I never feel the downsides.

(I had lots of podcasting questions but I think they've all been asked!)

If you come up with any other podcasting questions bug me anytime. I never get tired of talking podcast.

4. What did you want to be when you grew up? Why?

Well there is a recording my grandmother recently dug out of me as a small child had me saying I was a detective. I went through a lot of different things I wanted to be. An astronaut was big on there for a while. The two that I kept returning too was a soldier and a comic creator. A soldier because it felt like it was a powerful way to live. When I was young feeling powerful seemed important. A comic creator because ZI loved to draw and tell stories. It seemed to be the only place where those both fit together.

5. Favorite book and movie - why?

Favorite movie is easy. I keep returning to Casablanca. It is a great movie with awesome dialog and a favorite kind of hero.

Favorite books is tough. So many I love. To Kill a Mocking Bird really hit me pretty hard when I was in school. To me Atticus Finch is in a lot of ways everything a man should be. Dune is a book I also read from time to time and just flat out enjoy each time. Honestly I could go on for days about favorite books and why I love them.



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