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So yeah. I have been working and sleeping since this weekend and nota whole lot else except hitting the gym yesterday. Who would have thought I would start looking forward to hitting the gym. Still wanting to get back some flexability and maybe go take akido with aurora and ikara_fox.

I have come across some nifty take toys I have been playing with.

The first is Grouper which i got into in december but recently got some people who are actually using it to play with. Grouper is a peer to peer network program with a little difference. It is not for mass sharing of files nor does it have central servers. Rather it is a personal file sharing program. You set up the program and set up a group or someone else sets up the group and invite people to join. Only the people in your group can share the files. Now mp3's for law suit avoidance are not downloaded but streamed. It is like having access someone elses music library. Other files though are fully downloadable. Such as the album you ripped then zipped if you were of a mind to. I like this program alot and have it running most of the time when my machine is on.

The second is skype. Skype is a voice over ip program. It allows free vice over ip to anyone using the program. I am only begining to explore this one but it is a great way for me to talk and actually hear the voise of people who are far away like say my mom in england. It has a phone conferencing function as well and apparently a recording funtion. You can call non users of the program with it but it will charge you a couple of cents a minute.

I am urging everyone to check them out if you have broadband.
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