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I have taken to a new thing or two on the digital side of things. I have taken to downloading podcasts and iptv shows. It is a new digital distribution media format that may eventually change the nature of media. Podcasts are of course little radio style recordings made available for download. They vary widely in quality and content. There are guys operating with thousands of dollars worth of equipment an guys doing it with 20 dollar mikes and free editing software. The most common way to get those podcasts is through itunes. They dont cost anything to download or upload for that matter. They are distributed through RSS feeds like a lot of news and blog feeds.

IPTV is another new one that is a little more expensive to produce so they are a little rarer. They are essentially tv shows made for download on the internet. They range for a few minutes to up to an hour. The quality of the shows also varies but they tend to have some proffesionals involved in the production. I honestly believe this will become more previlent as broadband becomes more previlent and distribution more efficient(like say bittorrent).

Here are a few of my favorites.

This Week in Tech.
This is easily the single most popular podcast in the world right now. It is done by a bunch of the most respected voices in tech reporting like Leo Leport and John C. Dvorak. This is old screen savers/techtv crew. They cover the major stories in tech for the week. They are also very funny to listen to. This is also a fine example of the best in production quality on podcasts. Sound editing and equipment makes a real difference.

GeekFu action grip
This podcast is hosted by Mur Lafferty. This one is about 20 minutes long and the production quality could be better, but it is a nice listen. Mur does essays and has a sort of vurnable honesty to her. She does little essays on various subgects of interest to geek culture. She did nice ones on geek parenting and female role models. She is a strugling writer herself so alot about that makes it into her shows as well.

The Signal
The signal is the podcast dedicated to Serenity and Firefly. This also is well done. The production quality is good but not great. The guys doing it are not exactly radio professionals so they sound a little uncomfortable on the mic. But it really is a fun listen. They do music segments and little reviews of related things for firefly. Their little lessons in chineese is also a hoot. It is a bit to much fanboy at times but it is on my regular listen list.

The seanachia
The seanachia means story teller and thats what this is. These are absolutely my favorite to listen to. This guy does little short strories or Vignettes that are indeed amazing. I cant say enough about this podcast. If you listen to any listen to this one cause the stories are just that good.

The systm
The systm is a IPTV show. Sadly so far their have been 4 episodes. They are about 20 minutes usually. They are high end tech shows where they pick a particular project and tell you how to do it. My favorite is MythTV.

Digital Life
The digital life is done by Ziff Davis and hosted by Patrick Norton. The show is an explination of new tech products. Software, games, and gadgets get time. This is worth watching if your a tech geek. It is also sort of a proof of concept show. It is a weekly iptv broadcast and seems to get good numbers.

Over all I listen to and watch a lot more. i have referred to the internet as my tivo on occassion. I thought i would actually share what I have been there.
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