TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

I am forming up the structure I have in mind for the book I want to write. I am still working how I want it to end so that may be a sticking point. But I have the setting and the theme in mind so it should form along nicely. I dont expect much as this is my first attempt to write a novel and writing that much that quickly is destined to have some fouling in it. but the point is to get you writing. It doesn't matter if it is good as long as your doing it. I need something like that though. Been in a creative rut for a while now.

I have been watching some odd films lately. I watched suspect zero which left me somewhat underwelmed. Kingsley is good as usual, but the story is fractured and disjointed and really does not work. The concept was nice though.

The Life Aquatic is nice and quite funny. very odd as is want fromt the director. i loved the scenes where they walk from room to room and you get the single take side view like they are on a stage performing for people. Bill Murray really is one of the best comedic actors around.

Birth is actually really good if somewhat depressing. Nicole Kidman proves over an over again she is not just pretty. This one deals with the notion of reincarnation and what it would really mean to meet someone who claimed to have been reincarnated. It is quiet and jaggedly broken.

oh well enough for now.
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