TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

and now aveareya's interview. good and some tough questions.

1. What is your most vivid memory of your dad?

hmm this a tough question. I guess the one that I can bring up the
most easily is memories of us watching pbs on tv and afterwords we
would spend hours discussing and argueing over how the world changed
from different scientific discoveies or how the society will change
due to discoveries now.

2. Have you ever had something happen to you as a character that
affected you/changed you – or changed your perception of yourself?
What was it and how did it change you?

hmm Not sure if there is a moment or single change, but the one thing
I discovered is how to trust in what I am good at. I think it gave me
the confidence to just go with things. Particular from playing saul
and reginald.

3. (stolen from lilisonna) If you could visit any land from a novel,
what land would you visit and why?

hmm. Thats not easy. I would have to say mine would be ring world. I Just think it would be amazing to walk on a world like that explore it.

4. What kind of a kid were you? Shy? A bully?

I was a quiet kid. I was withdrawn and anti social to folks not in my circle. In my circle though I was pretty much the bully of the bunch. I tended to express my self physically. Also as you might guess the one thing got me extroverted was an argument or a pricipal. I would get downright stuborn.

5. If you could redo anything in your life with no bad repercussions –
what would you do over?

I would have stayed in school. I would have kept going to college till I got a degree.
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