TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

and here is the answers to hoshi adams interview.

1. What is your weight loss goal?

I would like to get eventually down to 300. Beyond that I am not so much concerned with the actual weight as I am with capability. I want to be able to run a mile and not die or maybe buy clothes at walmart.

2. What is my most annoying trait?

Hmm you dont have alot to work on this question. Your one of the most laid back people I know. I would have to say I am torn on weather it is when you are hard on yourself or possibly when your doing the powergamer thing. I dont care about stats as much as cool story. Niether is enough to actually all that annoying.

3. You've talked about going back to school - once you get your degree, would you move to Chattanooga or Atlanta?

I am torn. I will probably stay in knoxville at least until my grandparents pass on.(thats a morbid thought). I am the only family who checks on them everyweek. Beyond that i may go back to atlanta only when I can do it on my terms. no more winging it for me.

4. If you could go on a romantic date (just a date, at most a kiss) with anyone (alive or dead, real or fiction), who would you go with?

hmm what answer would not get me killed. Lets stick with fictional. How about Sorsha from Willow.

5. What is your dream car?

I am not a car person. I just want one that wont breakdown on me and has good fuel economy and is stylish or classy. if money was no object though I was not having to worry about the cost of fuel i would say the mercedes SL600 Roadster would rank high for me. It is a nice looking car with lots of nice features also Laurie provided some convincing arguements in this matter as well.
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