TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

The car My need a timing chain for those who want to know.

And now the answers for imperatrix

1. If you had to leave behind a lasting legacy, what would it be?

The kindness i show others. I hope if I am remembered most for anything it is making other peoples life better.

2. What animal do you most identify with and why?

The bear and the raven. I have always felt akin to the bear. It strikes me as representing gentleness and strength. The raven for two reasons. When i would work security I would work all kinds of places but invariably when I was assigned to a place Ravns and crows would show up not long after. It used to spook my supervisor. i felt like they were watching over me. Also the crow always struck me as the knower of things. A crow is wiser than an owl to me.
Maybe i am morbid.

3. What is your favorite snack food? At home? At games? In general?

I am a sucker for pringles but my all time favorite is the garlic and parmesan pita chips. That stuff is addictive.

4. Do you believe in romance?

yes very much so, though I dont believe i will be involved in it.

5. What do you believe is the future of humanity?

Men will go on as they always have. They will expand, the will inovate, and improve their lives, but they will bring their darkness with them. Man is a few steps over the line from savage and it only takes a few steps back to bring them collectively back there. There are exceptions i love them, but in truth man is the same as it always has been and always will be.
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