TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

more interview

and then there was chinook_wind

1. What do you want out of life? Not so much what are your ambitions, but what do you want for yourself?

Security, stability, something constant, a home. Between bouncing around a lot as a kid( I think i moved like 20 times before i was 18) and that whole living in my car thing, I have been looking for a place that was mine and permanently so.

2. If you could design a home for yourself and whoever you wished to share with to live in, what would it be like?

It would have hard wood floors and half the walls would be stone. It would have a fire place and multiple levels. It would proabably seem very asian in parts. I would want broad patio and garden where i could relax in peace.

3. What sort of physical environment are you most comfortable in, would you most like to live in? Mountain areas, seaside cliffs, forest ... etc? And why?

See thats a tough one. I dont really belong anywhere. I think i feel most at peace in only two places high in the smoky mountains and at the sea shore at night. The only times i have ever felt truely at peace i was in either of those two locations.

4. Do you feel that your outlook on the world has changed since you started to focus on your health more? (It shows, by the way! Goodonya!) If so, how?

Some. I recognize more the bad things I do. I find myself occassionally frustrated at the things i cant do any more which is what started this kick to begin with.

5. What do you like best about yourself? Do you feel that others recognize that and appreciate it?

I think the thing I feel is my best attribute is my mind. Gee that sounds egotistical. I enjoy debate and argument I love expanding my mind. I give it as much fuel as i can. I can usually out think most issues i find myself faced with. I feel awkward sometimes in situations where my mind wont help me. As to wether people recognize or appreciate it? i cant say. I think so. I know that the ones i want to recognize it most do so by talking to me as an equal.
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