TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

The questions for the councilor, speaks

1) When have you hated yourself the most.

When my father died. He and I always had a volitile relationship. The last time I talked to him it was from jail. He couldn't help me in frustration I said some hateeful things. Those were the last words I would speak to him. When he died a little over a week later I felt like someone had knifed me in the heart. I hated myself at that time more than any other in my life.

2) What fictional character do you most identify with.

Thats a tough question for me. Currently i would have say Green Arrow. His personality and mine are not far off and the whole him acknowledging he is a f*ck up thing is something I can feel similarities with.

3) Have you experienced true love?

I wish I could say yes. I felt passion at times, but no I have never true love. Probably never will.

4) What makes you the most proud of yourself.

Out thinking a problem or having confidence in my abilities whatever they may be and having it work.

5) What one thing would you regret most, never having done before you die

I would regret never knowing true love before i die.
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