TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

1) Do you hate to cry?

During a game no. It is a role and to feel the emotion my charicter would feel is an accomplishment. OUtside of games yes I hate it. It means I am not in control of my emotions.

2) Do you believe in fate or luck, or are you a coincidence man?

I believe somethings become inevitable, but it is due to the forces of things. If you call that fate then I believe in it. I also believe in luck. But to the point of excluding coincidence.

3) If you could find one person from your past (someone that is, as far as you know, still alive), who would it be?

Kathy Hand, to this day, over 15 years, I have a crush on this woman.

4) What's your favorite food? Is it something you feel like you need to avoid in trying to get your weight down?

barbque ribs and chicken. I dont cut it out completely just dont get it often.

5) If you could acquire one mundane skill without effort, what would you want to be able to do? (No flying or time travel, but any normal life skill is game.)

I would learn to be a doctor. I like the notion of healing people. Beyond that I would say Kung fu. I love the grace of it and it is good for your health.
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