TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

and finally xarcross

1. Do you really believe the stuff you say when I go into one of my rants as to why I am better than some people?

Do I believe that you are not, by dent of being smart innately better than anyone else? Yes i believe that. I like you a lot but being smart does not make some one better than someone else. I am every bit as smart as you but I fallen pray to the things you have expressed as being signs of people being not as good as you. I have known people who were dumber than me I thought were excellent people. The truth is I do believe that no one is innately better than anyone else. There are no supermen. Friedrich Nietzsche was an ass.

2. What is stopping you from going back to school. I have heard you mention you would like to. What is something you could do to move past the obstacle.

It is money. When is it not money. I am planning in the spring trying to take one class at a time until I can get my student loan out of default by my regular monthly payments. Then I may get a student loan again and go.

3. I have heard some of the flaws in humanity but what in your opinion is humankind's greatest strength?

Their capacity for adapting and overcoming almost anything. Humanity can overcome most anything.

4.Many people have a dark aspect within that calls to be heeded and that the person fights against. What is yours?

They are two. Anger and arrogance. i have a violent and unpleasant temper. I dont let it ride me any more, I did a long time ago. Also it is tempting to think myself better than others. I know this is a mistake always.

5. You have said that there is a sense that I am set in a certain image. What was it that I said or did that made you realize the character and the person are not exactly the same?

People tend to see the innocent subconciously. You look young, you have a grina nad manerism that reenforces this. I lived with you and have delt with you on bad days. i know you are a wierdness magnet. You have mind of steel, hard and sharp. You are far from innocent.
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