TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

I was going along looking at cars at After all what I am looking at at this point is the posability of needing a newer car at least. I was looking in the range that if financed with a decent co signer I could afford the monthly payments. 10,000 to 15,000 range will put me less than 300 a month in payments. Cant really afford much better than that. i was looking at wagons as they have enough cargo capacity to meet most needs and still have lower mpg. Then I came across this.

I could get new car in that range that would get better than 30 mpg and have full warranty to boot. I like the xB. The key with these is they are designed as entry level vehicles for young people. They build the cost on them if you add all the sexy extra's like spoilers and alloy wheels. They actually add them for you before you pick them up, But the basic vehicles are not bad. The payments would still be under 300 a month if you get the 60 month financing. luckily i am getting a raise at work so that helps a little.

hmm something to think about.
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