TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

for forest blend

1) If you could have one cybernetic implant, what would it be?

metabolism controler

2) It's the zombie apocolypse and you can only carry with you food for a few days and a jug of water. What food would it be?

Energy bars. They are light and usually packed with more than calories. I am a pragmatic man after all.

3) What is your favorite memory of being a child?

I remember a music faestival in knxville every january. It was in a converted old churchcalled the Laurel I think. My godfather would plav and the building was so cool it was fun to explore and listen to the music.

4) If Angus ever manages to return to his own time in SI, do you have another character concept rolled up? Is it a secret or can you share?

I usually have a half dozen concepts rolling in my head. One I keep coming to and has evolved over time to back before saul died was the monster. Prometheus's child. The rest i will let you guess at.

5) Is there someone from your life that you now regret not beating the crap out of when you had the chance?

Brian Gibson. If ever there was a man more in need of an ass beating that i have met at least it is this man.
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