TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

and now for chapel_of_words

#1 - You're a beard guy. What's the worst, and bets, "beards" you've had. You know what I mean - you try that new beard style and boy-oh-boy it does *not* work. Or that one shave that damn, you look good.

I have tried to grow a full face beard and it just doesn't look right on me. I might go for one if I could grow it a year in isolation and then trim it up but the interim just looks bad. Now as far as a shave that worked, I was having my head shaved by Veaya(dont ask and she took to trimming my beard. It deffinately made difference to have someone else do the triming. Doing it yourself does not do as good a job.

#2 - You drive to a lot of LARPs and Boffer-LARPs - most of them a good distance from where you live. Pretend I'm a back seat passenger during a typical drive - what conversations/music/vocalizations do I hear on the average trip?

Well when I drive myself I listen to audiobooks alot, but if I have someone to talk to I tend to run the whole gamut of conversation. I like to argue and debate so i will bring up discussion topics and try and talk it out. Sometimes i will even take positions I dont believe just to get the discussion going and look at things from different angles. I also like to talk movies alot. beyond that music wise my tastes vary widely.

#3 - What red state would you most like to live in - and why? Same for the blue states.

I like living in tennessee a quite a bit. Beyond that I wouldn't mind living in georgia again. As to blue states, Washington state is tremendously appealing.

#4 - Jazzman - why Jazzman?

Okay. he was a blues and Jazz musician originally from New Orleans. In the early days of those music styles, nick names were the norm. It also described him in a strange way. He was very much a product of that music and that age.

#5 - Favorite totalitarian leader?

KIM Jong Il as he is just wacky. any guy who is the leader of a nation who grows his hair large on top and wears lifts to feel taller than people is just comedy gold.
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