TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

first an update. The car will probably be fixed today. I have some really cool grandparents and they are helping me get this taken care of. Also my aunt has a minivan which she is giving to grandma to give to me. It is like 2000 windstar and needs some minor work but is far better condition than mine and half the milage. Down the road I will need to replace it but it buys me some time. Yay!

now pickmansraven's questions

1. What's your heritage?

Tough to say. I never knew my natural father but my mothers side is strongly scot and irish. I used to wonder what my natural fathers heritage was alot and actually led to my interest in history.

2. Is your family originally from Tennessee? Or do you have relatives elsewhere in the US?

I was born in oak ridge and lived her most of my life. My mom I believe was born in new orleans. My grandmother is from texas My grandfather is from independence missouri. They moved to Oak Ridge when my mom was a young kid and still live there.

3. What is your favorite beverage?

Right now it is cold green tea with citrus by lipton.

4. What types of roles do you most like to play when LARPing?

Intense role play. I like intense charicters. I think in some ways Reginald was one of my favorite charicters because he was so damn intense. NPC wise I like playing a "charicter" Isadore has his intensity and scheming but what makes him cool to play is he is so oily he is memorable. The sultan was also an over the top charicter who I could sink my teeth into playing. I love playing Npc's in broad strokes where my pc's are more odd.

5. Where do you consider "Home"?

I dont really feel like I have a home. I guess the closest to a home is my grandparents place in Oak Ridge. I grew up in the tennessee valley so i guess some place with mountans.
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