TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

weekend update.

Today at work is running pretty slow due to our systems being down. I get to answer the call and tell the guy I cant really help him. Makes for short calls.

Anyways friday I of course could not get off work soon enough to make it to the friday in charicter hang out session. I am sad about that cause it sounded cool. Also could not make the Dark Carnival and I am not pleased about that either.

I did go to cam stuff on saturday though. I enjoyed the Mage social and finishing up the new charicter which I have based on Nathan Zanatos from the gargoyls cartoon and Lex Luthor. The vampire game however was not all that much fun. I had my ghoul charicters regnent die and really there was nothing I could do about it or even go after the bad guys. Instead most of the evening was just well boring followed by a pointless mass combat. Really did not enjoy that much.

Sunday I ran Dawning star and closed out a story ark. I had the heroes execute a daring and by the seat of their pants escape from a secret Eos Freedom League secret facility with one of their humming bird shuttles. Yay! They seemed to enjoy themselves at least.

beyond that i was a total slacker this weekend and did almost nothing I intended.
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