TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

The worker

The worker is a usually dressed in the easiest cloths to find in the morning. Probably jeans and an old t shirt. He is less communicative to folks. He is proffesional in his demeanor. When he makes a joke it is usually sarcastic and dark. He does not laugh much or demonstrate his thoughts and feelings. The does however focus on things more. His one exception in communication is the computer. Here he takes some happiness in exchanging emails and posts with friends to let him escape work. Work for the worker is something you do right and you leave at work.

The Hermit,

The hermit is in loose shirts and his boxer breifs or may some sweat pants. He is always reading a book or listening to one read or surfing the web. he climbs in his hole to shut out the unpleasant things in life. It is tempting to him to stay in his hole. He can view the world safe from their via the internet. This wear he writes and argues with the world. It takes some cause to bring him out of there.
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