TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

Merry Christmas!

So this is christmas for another year. I have slept late which is lovely just the same. No presents i have not opened. Got some cool gifts from the Mom and Tim back around thanksgiving. Namely a car loan for one thing and a palm pilot for another. Some lovely bit extra here and there. My grandparents gave me money which is probably the most useful thing they could have gotten me. I got a fruit basket from Robby and Aurora. Yay!I got an eighty dollar bit of Credit card fraud apparently on my bank account for a christmas present. That is just lovely. grumble.

But what i am most pleased with on christmas is the amazing friends in the world. People who make my life better just by knowing they around whether they are in the next room or hundreds or even thousands of miles away. These are the people who make my life more than just existing. They a reason enough for most anything and I think that is the best present any man has ever received.

edit: hoshiadam just brought me a plate full of pancake breakfast and a copy of serenity to watch. Dude thats awesome. See realy cool friends I tell ya.
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