TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

Okay first off a brief update.

I have been working alot on writing stuff. For some reason I have been doing alot(well for me alot, as oppopsed to comic_monkey alot) of writing on various projects. I have particualrly been working on the Radio Free Eos podcast. I am trying to write enough "news" stories to have 20 minutes worth of podcast. They liked my prototype one and the only requests were to clean up the intro some(done), add some music(done) and make it longer(work in progress). The word is they will be hosting it on the dawning star website. When it is up i will post something so folks can go see why I have not been on coh most of the last week.

Also getting some snippets of writing on other projects. I dont know where the creative energy is coming from but I am running with it.

I have been reading alot on Shadowrun setting stuff on the gaming front. I am getting into it again and love the setting. I dropped out of it for a couple of years and they kept the setting changing and growing so there is a lot to catch up with. I was interested to see they formalized something people speculated on back in the day. Earthdawn and Shadowrun are in the same universe. Some of the major mystical players existed in both game settings. Shadowrun is the sixth world. Earthdawn is the 4th. I may have to track down Earthdawn stuff to see what kind of differences there are.

I watched the first half of the first season of dark angel thanks to aveareya. Good little show. The writing is not bad. Some predictable bits here and there but very cyberpunk.
I am building floon for the larp season. I really want to see how some things end.

oh well update over.

edit:oops first version had mark up issues.
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