TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

I hate valentines day.

I hate Valentines day with a passion. I am fine with my lack of love lie most any other day of the year. I am settled into my life and acknowledge I dont have time for a relationship. I have stopped really looking. Even if i did I am a mess and dont particualrly think that is an appealing thing to look for in someone. But I am okay with all of that for most of the rest of the year. On Valentines I am not. I cant pretend it doesn't bother me on Valentines. I hate the fact I am alone and pretty much will always be alone on Valentines day. I hate Valentines day for the over comercialized guilt trip and and inadeqacy fair that it is. Gah. I could rant about it for days.

Bah Fraking humbug to Valentines day.

(ps. I do not harbor ill will to anyone who infact enjoys the day. This is just me. Ignore my mood and have a good day.)
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