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a farewell

so for almost a decade I have been attending boffer larps. Even longer for the parlor style larps(vampire,etc....). I have been a part of the hobby for a long time now and I can say it has brought me a lot of good things. The mst important thing it has brought me is some really amazing friends. Some people who are more than that to me. They are in fact my family. I would not have met them with out larping. I have managed to keep active despite my ordinarily sedentary lifestyle. I have taken some pride in my accomplishments.

But sadly all good things must come to an end. Larping while enjoyable has begun to become a drain on my life. I began to realize this recently and I have fraught it for a while now. The recent retiring of my favorite character, mortimer drove home to me it is not the same to me as it once was. I spend to much time, money and energy in this hobby for no return really except a few fleeting moments. I want to be a writer damn it and I have let this hobby draw in all of my creative energy. The long road trips and cost of events not to mention time off from work has made me a poorer man than I need to be. so it is with perhaps a little regret I say farewell to the hobby that has been fun to me for a time. It is better I leave the hobby now rather than become bitter and resentful towards it.

Those of you who are my friends are still my friends. My affection for the people I have met has not diminished. I will always call you my friends. This does mean however i will see some of you less as larping is how I have been able to keep up with some of you. I regret that but right now I need some me time.

Who knows a few years down the road when I get my life straight and my head straight I might come back but as of now I am no longer a larper and will not participate in larp events for the foreseeable future.

Your in friendship,
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