TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

We are all broken. The fact is I am not normal. I dont think I have met normal. Normal people frighten me. The world is in fact filled with people who are broken like the world is. It is not messed up to be messed up in a messed up world.

You dont know me. I keep secrets. just like you. I have not always been as I am now. I walked many paths to get here. I will walk many more and not all of them will be yours. Do not think your self my better. Do not think yourself my lesser. We are all broken. Some peoples cracks show. Some peoples don't.

I am working on my broken pieces. You probably are working as well. WE are all the same in our own shadows. We all have them no one escapes it. There is some comfort in that.

Someday I will let you see my shadows. Someday I will let you see who I am. Today is not that day. I am not sad. I am not mad. I am just as I am today. Measure for measure a man. I hope that is enough.
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