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1) Is carnivorax popular? depending on the circles.
2) Does amnxial smoke? I think so.
3) What is nightgoblyn's favorite band/artist? dont know
4) Is got_apathy friends with satyrsdance? they may have met.
5) What planet should chapel_of_words be from? Cybertron
6) Would bad_grief and chinook_wind make a good couple? strangely yes though they have not met
7) How many monkeys could indigoskynet fight at once and win against? at least 50
8) What is stagefreaky's shoe size? dont know but probably tiny
9) If charlesland took over the world, who would be happy? Well he would for one.
10) Is chapel_of_words athletic? some what but not amazingly so.
11) Does aetatis do drugs? sometimes thinks she does but no.
12) Does malaveaux go to your school? nope
13) What video game does lightbearer remind you of? Knights of the old republic
14) What rank would speaks have in a giant robot army? Logistics droid first class
15) Where did you first meet lilisonna? SI
16) Does luckypooka know medicine_weasel? yep
17) What exotic animal would luckypooka like as a pet? a monkey
18) Which president would falfox be likely to idolize? John Kennedy
19) Could you see bluefirekali and swiftwind23 together? yes, though there may be much wailing and nashing of teeth
20) Are aetatis and sailormur going steady? no, but that could funny
21) If dragonangel1369 were hanging off a cliff, what would pickmansraven do? Offer advise
22) If whymsical and koepkeb were spliced together, what would it be like? hyperactive hippy
23) Is comic_monkey an emo? umm no
24) What would you do if hapersmion died? be very very sad
25) How tall is gosamyr? 5'8" I think
26) What is loresinger's biggest flaw? to hard on herself
27) Is goblinkatie introverted or extroverted? extroverted enough to be seen from orbit
28) What would you do if you found out ora_de_montale has a crush on you? well be flattered and a little confussed.
29) Thoughts on outlawcoon? quiet and kind
30) Have you flirted with biff_rocko? yep
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