TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

I am having a day where I have to consciously suppress my feelings of superiority and arrogance. I listen to my coworkers drone on about inane little things in their inane little lives. I over hear one young fool bragging about how he spreads pepper in his car to throw off the drug-sniffing dogs from finding his stash. Women talking about how they know so much more than their doctors about the difference in medical conditions. Oh and did you watch the soap opera and I think this character is an evil bitch. I look at them and listen to them and hear no poetry in their soul and I feel like why am I here? I am than this.

But that is not right. No one is really better than anyone else. It is our conceit that keeps us from understanding the people around us. We decide we are better than those around us to sort of give us power over them, to make ourselves feel better about ourselves. This is a trap though and should be avoided.

Still some days it is harder than others. Today has been a harder day. Maybe it is harder to be as accepting when you are operating on less sleep than normal.
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