TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

general update

So I got a credit card. funny. I have no positive credit at all but Target actually aproved me for a cc. Their interest rate is hideous so I dont want to use it but there is a good notion to it in that I could build some positive credit. funny thing is that you cant pay your bill for your cc at Target stores. Convenient that.

I have had some slow load time issues with firefox. I decided to try out Opera9. Opera is nice and loads pages faster but it does lack some of the support for thing Firfox covers well. For instance the chat function on gmail. I dont think it will totally replace Firfox for me but it is pretty good and if I could work out how to get the functionality differences lifted then it could well be. I need a better computer. This one is pushing 5 years old. I have a decent mother board laying around so I just need to scroung some other parts.

The legs swelling has reduced and I am on industrial strength antibiotics. I hate clindamycin cause it leaves a metal tast in my mouth all day. Still the worst appears to have past though my leg still itches alot in the morning. I think by thursday I will feel it is safe to hit the gym again.
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