TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

Computers can be a pain quite often. So yesterday i did a system wipe on my machine. it had become to bogged down in some programs I was having no luck removing. I use a couple of different spyware removers and got nothing. sometimes they inbed pretty deep. Still I did manage to back up quite a bit befor needing to do this so It is not that bad. The process took 2 hours and after 4 hours I still did not have my system where I want. Also I am breaking down and actually buying a copy of windows. I have never paid for a single microsoft product ever. I will freely admit I have been the digital equivilent of Jack Sparrow in the past. I just want the security updates from Microsoft so I am getting the actual software. It sucks they have to make so many security updates, but that it is a sign of their poor workmanship. I would give up on windows all together and go with linux except there are certain games I play that dont have linux versions. Once I get my new system built which honestly I am building just so I can run certain games and do my podcast recordings on a quieter machine, I will load up a linux port on my current machine.
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