TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

okay, for non angst and woe related post.

Who Wants To Be A Superhero?

Let me say first I hate reality shows. I hate the fact that good or even bad creative pursuits. They are cheaper to make so shows like th bachelor and survivor continue and shows like Firefly get tossed aside. I have however been watching Who wants to be a superhero?

I will say the obvious up front, large portions of this show is silly in the extreme. I can only assume if things are not scripted somewhat then at least they are coached. The premise is ridiculous. 12 contestants who tried out for their part in this in full costume. I must admire their insanity or courage cause I would not do this.

The thing I like about the show though is unlike survivor and it's ilk that rewards the worst in human behavior, this show actually rewards people for doing the right thing and punishes people for not behaving with character. The first episode had a race to to the finish line and test of changing into the costume from the secret identity. The real test though was to see if anyone would notice a scared little girl calling for help to find her mom. Only a few got that. The next episode a test of courage involved walking across a back yard to touch a door. The catch was the yard had a pair of attack dogs. They dressed them up in heavy padded suits so they would not get to hurt but they had to make it across. If they could not take it all they had to do was say uncle and the dogs backed off. One guy made it across in short order. The guy could be a stunt double for Christopher Judd from stargate. A large guy who strode across the yard with the dogs hanging from him. they had another huge steroid using monster loose it after a foot from the door. Most of them did not make it. One of the girls in contention though was really cool to watch cause the dogs collectively outweighed her. They were jerking her around like a rag doll, but this girl would not call uncle. She stayed in kept going and took 10 minutes to actually reach the door. Good stuff. The show is silly but it is really kind of cool to see people getting rewarded for wanting be heroic. A bit of nice happy in a cynical world.

Oh and the prize is Dark Horse comics makes a comic based on the winners character. I honestly cant think of a whole lot of comics who would not enjoy having a comic superhero based on them.
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