TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

gaming group update

so here is the plan as it stands.

We have a gaming night. Saturdays on non larp weekends we have a regular gaming session. We will have alternating games so no one gets board with any one thing. So far it looks like Eberron and Rifts. There is another potential game but I have not gotten everything locked in.

As to Eberron I will be running the published adventures starting with the one in the back of the main campain book. ON the character creation I am going with straight point buy. If people really want to roll then roll 4 drop the lowest and do 2 columns and pick the best of those columns. It will be starting at first level. If you want to playsomething with level adjustment talk to me. I dont want evil pcs. The first adventure starts in the city of Sharn so if you can make a charcter with some reason to be there that would be good.

Rifts, well with rifts most of the players dont know how to make characters for rifts. My plan is our first session with rifts will be character creation. Again no evil characters but other than that I am throwing the gate open on what I will allow. Any character class or race. Again at first level.  as there are literally over a hundred or more to pick from that should prove a hoot.

I think for simplicity sake I will start with Eberron in two weeks and then it will alternate between the games from then on. An occassional monday or sunday session maybe tossed in as well and other people wanting to run games will enter rotation on the same game day. Does this sound like it is doable to others?  Can someone in our group see a flaw in the plan?

Oh and as a side note a friend of mine, Alex Janeway, has moved back to Maryville. I have invited him to come join the game. He is a good guy and an uber D&D geek. heh.

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