TechNoir (technoir) wrote,

Rifts game

The basics of what people will know. The heroes will be in the city of Lazlo. The Coalition has been increasingly hostile to the various D-Bee races, magic, and settlements that allow them like for instance Lazlo. The call for mercnaries and the like to come and help has been thrown out and mercs and adventures from all over have come to help build up the defences. There is definately a feel of a war coming.

Requirements on the characters.
No outright evil alignments.
Any Occ is allowed
Equipment is only the starting equipment allowed to your class.
All characters have a reason for being in north america.

Theme of the game should be preparing for the epic battle. The weight of getting things ready falls on the pc's shoulders as agent of one of the few free and enlightened places left in the world.

Tags: gaming, rifts
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