February 14th, 2002

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I guess I am breaking down and doing the trendy thing. I am starting my journal. To those who I occassionally irritate and offend I am sorry. I do think I will occassionally rant here though so it is bound to happen. I am irritated a lot more lately. I dont know why. I guess my job is sapping my overall patience. I dont get to be honest at work. I dont get to say "Hey! You fucked up! You didn't read the terms of service. You dont know what your doing on a computer. You bought it cause you were told everyone needs the internet. You dont even know what to do with the internet and now you wonder why will not make it work or give you all your money back."

I get have this flow through my head but not act on it. No I will not tell you wher I work. Those who know....cool. Believe it or not it is a good job and I do enjoy parts of it. But like all things we get paid to do it has it's element of unpleasent.

That being said my patience is getting thinner everyday. My patience for stupid especially. I am so tired of this phrase "they(or she or I) act dumb but they really aren't. They just act that way in this circumstance" BAH! If you act dumb for any other reason than joke then you are for all intents and purposes DUMB! If you have intelect prove it or shut the hell up!

I guess I am done ranting for now.

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