March 25th, 2002

letter to work

I wrote a letter to my boss today and thought I would share it here. It sums up what this day is like for me.


I did not want to call in today. I knew this was going to be a tough day for me, but I thought I could hack it. This is the one year aniversary of my fathers death. He died do to liver failure. The really sad part is he was told a few days before hand by a doctor that he needed to be checked into a hospital immediately. My father being the editor of the local paper replied he would go in a few days but he had to first put the paper to bed. As the week ended he bought his usual bottle of Vodka. He drank it and all the other liquor in the house killing himself. I will always hate him for that as I hate myself for allowing my last words being to him from jail and hateful.

But I thought I could handle today. I thought that till I woke up today. I realized that I would not be able to handle the hateful people on the phone. Not today. Most days I can handle them. Most days I can wrangle them and get them down a notch and fix their problem. Today I would not be able to do that. Instead I would do something that would get me fired. So I called in. I am sorry. I didnt want to leave you in a lurch. I thought I should write you and at least explain why I was not there. Please forgive?

To make matters more odd and terrible. My little brothers home burned down yesterday. I guess you can say march is not a good month for the McCoy family. Kelly is fine though as are his wife and kids and even the animals. His house is gone though along with everything there in. I am trying to get ahold of him now.

Tell everyone hi. I will be there tommorrow, perhaps somber but ready to work. Hopefully they will have my cube phone fixed by then.

yours in service,
Jeremiah Robert Kelly McCoy
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