April 5th, 2002

as far a odd goes

I am sitting here at work. It is a quiet night and the the phones are quiet for the most part. Across the isle a large black man listens intently to the streaming singing of a heavy set cotton candy haired evangelist. Her weepy southern drawl singing of our lord Jeeeezus. He sits and occassionaly praises the lord for all his blessings.

Especially while a customer is on hold.Who can say why that is. Perhaps the lord looks over us call center workers especially.

Okay now he is speaking in tounges. He does it in the same way I would curse under my breath in frustration. Nonsensical words flow out quickly. He then presses the button and returns to his customer.

Meanwhile my cube neighbor is listening to blonde singing heart of glass and perusing his gun catalog. He is pierced in all his gothic glory and...a conservative republican.

Now I am done....

Meanwhile my n