April 22nd, 2002

of friends and aquainances

a friend is somebody i can trust. Someone who does things not for any real gain , but for purpose of friendship. I will many things for a friend. I have been known to even bend over backwards for a friend.

an aquaintance is someone I know. I can be civil to them. I will often do buisness or work an aquaintance. I will play games with them and treat them as fairly as anyone, but there is no real concideration for an aquaintance. They are not people I would actually go out of my way to help.

Sadly I had someone go from friend to aquaintance this weeekend. They chose a course of action that would ensure that. I will pay them what they think they are owed even if they are wrong not because they won an argument but maintain more important relationships. As far as I am concerned however someone who gouges people who are supposed to be their friend are not in fact friends but mearly someone you do buisness with.

Sadly this difference is probably lost to some, but to me it is important.

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