April 26th, 2002

Lord save us from your followers

Will someone please stop the guy in the cube across from me from speaking in toungs while watching his innane drivel. He puts his customers on hold and mutters under his breath nonsensical things shaking his head. I am not one given to much reverence to religion. I am not a christian despite my dear anglican catholic mothers best attempts. At best I am a shaman. An animist of sorts. Sort of like a christian is not necessarily a preacher. But I digress.

This man across me apes a religious ferver that is hard to buy concidering he is doing it at a call center for the internet.

No sir you may not have you money back. Can you hold? good thank you. Shambal maki moo moo gah! Okay thank you now as I said before i am not giving that back to you.

It would be a delightfull however to have him start doing it to the customers. I would applaud I think.

All in all though it is iritating. I guess because it smacks of someone trying to convince himself he is holy, rather than accept any truths involved.It is as though he needs to proove he is righteaous for some reason and this is his path. Like guys who try to pump how bad they are by telling lies of battles never fought.

perhaps I am to judgemental though. But it does irritate me

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