May 1st, 2002

a bit of perspective

I am not a christian. I have no pretences to being religious. I will however say it saddens me when a church is burned down. Their are places of healing for so many people, I would not have that taken away from anyone. We all need our spiritual homes.

Tonight the Church of the Nativity is burning. It was involved in a firefight between isreali and palestinian forces. Reports are that the isreali's stormed the church to get the palestinians holed up inside. The isreali's say that the palestinians fired first. Personally I dont care who fire first. This is a fucked up thing.

The curch of the nativity is the birth place of christianity for so many people. I watch as our worl desends to a level i know we have had before and I know it will get worse. Welcome to humanity boys and girls. Now I remember why I retired from the race a while back.

Hmmm.....a bit of perspective for this fine evening.