June 6th, 2002

Well a bit of rambling

I am feeling a little better now. I had been letting my life stress me out a bit much I have moved past that. The raise I got improved my mood. I will be all better once I take care of a few things.

1) licence and insurance. I let this one linger over my head long enough. I need to finish taking care of this.

2) Clothes. I am out of pants. I am showing up to work in sweat pants. I need to correct this. I may take my grandmother up on the offer of assistance on buying clothes. I always liked looking good in a suit. It is about time I got back in the habit

3)The apartment. I have had offers of furniture for the place, but I have no way of going and getting such. I will need to work on that. Perhaps this weekend.

4) work. I test for the senior rep in less than a week. It means higher up on the carreer band and a little more money. Beyond that I want to eventually get off the phone. I want to go managemnet eventually not because of my overwelming love for managers but my disre to keeping going forward. I have been to the bottom and I would like to see the other direction for a bit. Maybe even get a dayshift job. Then I can have normal people style social life.

5) writing. I am getting the bug again. I will try and write some again.

hmm there you go. Thats whats going on. All in all I am trying to continue pressing forward. Maybe someday I can relax again but not yet.

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