June 13th, 2002

collection of tidbits

My senior rep exam got pushed back as they rewrite the exam. So it will be a while still before I take it sadly.

I should, baring misadventure get a bed sunday from pickmansraven's old house. Hey charged a mor than reasonable ammount for a boxsprings,mattress and frame. Yay! I have a real bed.

I am putting in for time off for Dragoncon. I need the release to be honest. It is funny to me that as often as I do the larps now I used to do the cons. I miss the con circuit some. I think I will endeavor over the next year to try and make time for more.

I am thinking of making time for another old hobby namely the vampire larp back in chattavegas. It is time to be jazz again I think. I missed him while I was away. I dont miss the bs politics, but I did enjoy playing with people. So I think I shall try to make the next vampire event.

KG is this weekend and I am broke till I get my check tommorrow. I need to do laundry, collect my gear, and by a crate of red bull.

I am being driven crazy by the fact that I cant seem to get the wording right on my submission to the wizards of the coast contest. it is being such a pain.

oh well enough for now