November 8th, 2002

general geek

Ran champions last night. Had an absolute blast. I have not run a game over a year. I was nervous going into it, cause I had never run for this crew before. I have played table top and larped with all of them. All of them are great people and great gamers. They get all the aspects of gaming.

So we started a bit late, due finishing up charicters. but once we started people fell into an easy groove you get when you know how things will play out with the other players.

They seemed to enjoy it and the charicters have an odd dynamic that makes for a believable team.

Next weeks episode

Now that our new heroes have discovered each other and been discovered by others, how will their lives change? Also who is the man behind the roberies in Atlanta. What mysterious force has been covering Agent Z in the FBI. Stay tuned true believers.