December 4th, 2002


Thanksgiving was fun.

19 people in one living room having dinner. The entire side of my family was there. My brother brought his kids. I am not by nature a kids person but these 2 are great. curious and intelligent and willing to question adults. going to be my kind of people someday.

My aunt laura was there with her kids. They were amusing and sassy like her. Her oldest who is now in school is a handsom sort. He also is a smart ass so we got along famously.

Unkle mikes kids were quiet, well kept, perfect and utterly irritating in that. I prefer to know something of the people around me. I always get the impression with uncle mike and indeed his whole family that there is a wall between you and them and nothing genuine will ever go through.

All in all despite being ill most of the time it was a blast.

I just dreaded coming back and going to work.

I turn 30 in a week

that is all.