December 26th, 2002

dangerous, bebop

Christmas with the duke.

I have been having a solitary christmas. One with added sleep, lounging around, and no presents to open or clean up after the opening. My family is scattered far and wide. This makes the traditional christmas fare difficult. I will admit to moments of depression today but all in all it wasn't bad. I got a pleasent day to my self. Well me and John Wayne.

I spent most of the day watching Duke on film. My favorite of course was this morning with The Quiet Man. John Wayne is a unique figure in american film and pop culture. That is to say he is cool and wish I was half that cool.

Now I am winding down the day and drinking my 12 year Glenlivet. Merry christmas pilgrims. Especially to all those I could not talk to or deliver greetings to in some manner.

Sleep Well
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