January 13th, 2004

(no subject)

I am going back to my old haunts. I am walking back home again. I am going to chattacon. I was a young geek in chattanooga. My mom, my brother, and I had fallen into the sci fi community. My mom is a smoff if you dont know what that is dont be surprised. Most people dont. It means Secret master of Fandom. In otherword mom is a mover and shaker in making cons happen. I had this huge extended family of geeks, freaks and strange creatures. I grew up in world where you could discuss philosphy and quantum mechanics with someone dressed as a kligon with glasses on and a women wearing chainmail that could only be described as ornamental. We all saw the real world as someplace we endured until we could go to another con. It is a proper subculture with intermarriage, family dynasties, and of course it's own politics, but all the while you felt like you were a part of something. I have over the past few years fallen off con going. I go to only a couple a year but I never miss Chattacon. It is like going to my homeland. I see all the people I left behind. I sit in chairs with old friends share drinks and stories. I wander the halls and watch the spectical. I will sit in on a game and trade no shit there i was tales. I dont know where i am staying yet but that is typical. It invariably works it's self out. But I am returning to the hallways and dance floors of my youth. and they say you cant go home again.