February 10th, 2004


I met this man years and years ago and I have seen him repeatedly over the years even had dinner with him. If you really knew your comic history and you were on the con circuit you knew Julie schwartz. I grabbed this excerpt from scifi channel site.

Julius "Julie" Schwartz, the longtime DC Comics editor credited with helping to usher in comics' Silver Age, died Feb. 8 after being hospitalized for pneumonia in New York, according to a report on Mark Evanier's NewsFromMe.com Web site. He was 89.

Schwartz was widely considered one of the driving forces behind comics' so-called Silver Age in the 1950s. As an editor at DC from 1956 through the 1970s, he oversaw the revival of the superhero genre, including The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Atom and The Justice League of America, as well as both Superman and Batman. Schwartz was also an avid fan of both comics and science fiction, having at various points in his career edited fanzines and given encouragement to a stable of writers and editors.

Before joining DC, Schwartz was an agent for science-fiction authors, where, among other accomplishments, he sold the first stories by a new author named Ray Bradbury, the site reported.

Schwartz's background as a science-fiction fan and editor served him when he presided over comics such as Strange Adventures and Mystery in Space.