February 11th, 2004

coolness of youth

I grew up with pretty strange folk in my life. My fathers best friend was a man name Karl Edward Wagner. He and his father helped me catch my first fish. Karl's father was a big muckitimuck at TVA. Karl himself was a really quite brilliant writer. His anti hero, the immortal kane, was personal favorite of mine when i was growing up. He unfortunately drank himself to death. it seems to be a common enough ailment amoungst creative people. Self destruction is so romantically linked to being brilliant to be almost cliche. My own father a few years later drank himself to death as well.

Depressing stuff asside it is nice to see other peole aknowledge Karl's work as being good. He in my humble opinion did what morcock wanted to do and did it better and certainly with less ego.

I pulled this announcement from scifi.com

Producer Lauren Moews (Cabin Fever) has acquired film rights to Death Angel's Shadow, three short fantasy stories by Karl Edward Wagner that feature the immortal antihero Kane, Variety reported. The first film to be produced from the collection will be Reflections for the Winter of My Soul. Other stories are "Cold Light" and "Mirage," the trade paper reported.

Moews and Dean Masserman formed Tonic Films in 1999 and produced Cabin Fever, which earned $22 million through Lions Gate Films.