May 27th, 2004

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I can remember thinking I would write or draw comics for a living. I cant remember what happened to that dream. I just sort of let it peter off in the cacacophony of things that always distract us from our dreams. Weather it is money or lack of talent or just the criticism, people let their dreams get drowned out by other voices or sounds.

Now I always wanted to write XMen of course. When I was groing up they were the book to read. Amoung other things they were of course the perfect example of superheroes as metaphor. Mutants vs humans was of course a statement on very real racism in the world and Xavier's dream vs Magneto's dream always struck me as nod to Martin Luther King as oppossed to say Malcome X. If you were of a writing bent this is the one you wanted to do when I was a kid.

Vertigo came along and added to the list of things you could do.

I had my own Ideas for comics that reflected my love of the story of ordinary men and women in extrodinary circumstances. After all my favorite superhero is in fact Batman who is after all is said done is just a man made of flesh and very driven. He is in over his head fighting superpowered people yet he still wins.

My first notion for a comic was called The News. It was about 2 war correspondents who get assigned to cover superheroes in new york area. It was going to be about what it is like to be filming these guys save the world everyday. Very much like the Marvels miniseries, but I came up with it way back in high school. Still wouldn't mind doing that one if i had a chance.

I had one idea a couple of years ago of doing one about the government liason guy for superheroes. The guy who's job it was meet with supergroups for the whitehouse and make sure they dont step out of line. It would involve spy stuff and superhero stuff so it could be ubercool.

Anyways now a days i dont write near as much as I should and all the ideas I have rolling in my head will only see the light of day in games i gues which is sad a little i guess, but thats where I am at. Maybe I will change but change is hard so for now i will only dream of being a superhero.

and play City of Crack

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