June 11th, 2004


Dear Mr. Reagan,

Hi. First off I heard about the dead thing and I know that can be a bit of a downer, but from what i understand you have been severely under the weather for a while now and could use the break. I dont know what to say to you on that. I am not really certain on my own views of the afterlife, so giving you any advice would be a bit silly. I just wanted to say I remember you from when i was young. You seemed the slightly addled grandfather figure who got on tv told us all it would be okay. That and you had a thing for jelly beans. I could get behind your policy on jelly beans even today.

Now as I grew older i learned more about the world and i began to see there were some inheirent flaws in a lot of your policies and governmental thinking. Indeed the only thing i ever thought I agreed with you on was the space program and the need to continue supporting it fully. Now i have been hearing that you won the cold war for us and the fall of the soviet union. I can only describe this as the fisherman being blamed for the tidal wave, sure he was there and involved but it is hardly his fault. But hey thats not important. The important part is you seemed like a pleasent old man who liked people and people liked. So enjoy the rest old fellow, you have earned it.

Yours truely

Dear Mr. Charles,

Dude. I loved your music. You were an original and the world is a poorer place with out you here. I hope that there is a heaven and you have entered it to a chorus. If you get there and there is a ronald guy standing around, give him a hand and show him around.

yours truely
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