June 19th, 2004

holy crap!!!!

Okay i am settling in, thinking serio9usly about going to bed, my contacts are out and I am sitting in the living room floor going through some things on the coffe table when I feel something cold move on my skin. at first I think maybe a bug. Eww! I move to slap it away and find a snake flying from my hand. A small black banded snake. I about shit myself and scramble. I am not usually bothered by snakes, but one does not find them cosher when they are unexpectedly CRAWLING ON YOU!!. I run back to the bathroom to put the contacts in and i come back and see the snake sitting there curled up ready to strike at something. I come into the computer room to look the damn thing up before I touch it( a useless exercise i cant find listings by description) and when i return to the living room the little visitor is gone.

I was planning on cleaning the living room tommorrow anyway but this does put a new spin on things.

Anyone know what a black snake with bands on it is?

Well that will get your attention quick.