July 12th, 2004

well everyone was doing it

Ten things about you, physically:
10) I am badly overwieght.
9) My skin drys and forms calouses and sometimes bleeds at my hands and feet.
8) As a general rule insects dont bite me.
7)I have been constantly accused of looking jewish all my life.
6)I have arthritis in my knee.
5) In my youth I could lift, one rep at least, my own body weight, which was abpout 280lbs. I have gotten stronger since.
4) I have extraordinary night vision.
3) I have really good hearing.
2) I am asthmatic and about once a year have a mild attack.
1) I have big feet and small hands.

Nine things about you, mentally/emotionally:
9) I most often feel a sence of loneliness.
8) I get along with most anyone, even people who dont get on with each other.
7) I have always been strongly attracted to strong women
6) I fear I have lost all my creative somewhere along the way.
5) My relationships and sexual experiences have not always followed a roadmap.
4) Religously I most resemble a shaman
3) It is hard to anger me
2) Sometimes I want a little to much external validation.
1) In my heart i know i will die alone

Eight favorite drinks:
8) Ice cold water
7)apple juice
5)Moutain Dew
4)Strawberry milk Shake
2)Green Tea

Seven things you wear daily:
7) Boxer Briefs
5) shirt
4) steel boots
1)Armor of attitude

Six things that annoy you:
6) Rude coworkers
5) My finances
4)close minded people
3)noise while I am trying to listen to stuf
2) the sun
1) Liars

Five favorite foods:
4)Well prepared General Tso's Chicken
3)fish and chips
2)Barbque chicken
1) barbque ribs

Four shows you watch
4)Cowboy Beebop
3)Stargate sg1
1)West Wing

Three celebrities you have a crush on:
3)Jenette Goldstein(the lady who played Vasquez)
2)Ashley Scott (the star of Birds of Prey)
1)Michelle Rodriguez(general bad ass chick)

Two things you come in contact with everyday:
2) Computers

One song you like right now:
They by Jem
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