August 10th, 2004


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So I am comtemplating my status. I am a 31 year old man who is looking at an uncertain future employment situation. I am overweight and while I have taken steps to help with that but it seems at times an unsurmountable problem. I am going to be moving in with some friends at the end of the month to cut back on bills. My mom is now a british citizen and living in the English countryside and suffering from her traditionally questionable health. My brother is living in Edmonton Canada and working in a casino. For those who thoght the same question I did, What are the canadian mafia like, the answer is apparently....polite.

I am studying to get an A+ certification to improve my resume somewhat so i can work in the tech field, which always doesn't seem to have enough jobs to go around. I am finacially speaking in enough of a bind that I may not make it to one of my best friend's in the worlds birthday which irritates me somewhat. I have dreamed a book but just cant seem to put it to paper or keyboard.

I have not had a real romantic entanglement in years. I have plenty of good friends though. World class friends really. Sometimes though, even in a crowd of my closest and dearest friends, I still feel very alone. I am affraid i will be alone for all of my days and will eventually die alone.

anyways thats where i am at.

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