August 23rd, 2004

Cant sleep plot will eat me!

This was the sort of weekend to remind me why i got into larping in the first place. Intense role playing. Charicter growth. Moments of cool. Cinema level visual moments. Shooting Jorge(just kidding, though it was a fight for archers to let loose so it was fun)

This charicter really and truely seperated himself out this weekend for me. I relized in a lot of ways he is so very unlike a lot of my other charicters. That and i cant describe to people who haven't played an archer at a larp with real bows, it is just an amazing skill to exercise.

Angie is my favorite little evil now. Wow! I mean she messed with us so thuroughly that by the time we made it to the big bad we had been told of for months our brains had already completely short circuited. I almost got left behind. I am so glad the crew i was with charged i to get me back. Being trapped there with the big evil EATING MY FLESH would have been a very sad way to go.

SI floon back to record high.