September 1st, 2004

All quiet on the western front.

I sit here at work not a single person can i hear on a call. They have 50 of us and all of us are available for a call. They stopped the calls from proffessional installers and homenetworking so most of us handle doing online chats. I have been told we will soon probably next week begin taking escelations(ie. Philipines techsupport person doesn't fix your issue they call us to fix it) Also may soon be doing back end support for MCI. Either way i wont be getting fired it looks like which is good.

Sadly I will not be making Dragon as much as i would like to. Well not unless i win the lotery. If I win the powerball I will most certainly be there with bells on....well maybe not bells....possibly a kilt though.

Meanwhile my mom is in boston for a world con this weekend. She is I am sure doing some sort of organizational thing though what I dont know. She will not get her gall bladder duct problem fixed until after she gets back in england.

Oh well i am bored here and i will just have to deal with that. hopefully they will not send me home early as i could use the money.